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Striped Jacquard Pullover

100% Mercerized Pima Cotton

Turquoise Combo Striped Pullover Sweater
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Cable Scarf - Orange 3151
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Alpaca Sweaters From Peru - by Andean Royalty

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Multi Stitch Cardigan $152
Jauard Multi Cardigan $122
Jersey Pullover w/ Emb $144
Cable Scarf $88
Striped Jacquard Pullover - $130
Turquoise Combo Striped Pullover Sweater
Why natural fibres?

How natural fibres benefit not only producers and industry, but consumers and the environment. Explore...
Alpaca Natural Fiber - Soft and dense, or lustrous and silky, alpaca is used to make high-end luxury fabrics and outdoor sports clothing, with care these fabrics last a lifetime.
Alpaca The animal             Alpaca The Fiber            Alpaca The Producers

A domesticated member of the South American camelid family, the alpaca (Lama pacos) numbers 3 million head worldwide. Around 80% are found in the Andes, but sizeable herds (totalling around 200 000 animals) have been established in North America, Australia and New Zealand. Shorn annually, an alpaca produces about 3 kg of fibre.
Alpaca fibre is partly hollow, from 20 to 70 microns in diameter and comes in 22 natural colours. It is light, stronger than sheep's wool, and provides excellent insulation. Huacayo alpacas produce soft, dense, short fibres, while the fleece of the rarer suri is lustrous, silky and straight. Alpaca blends well with wool, mohair and silk.

Alpacas, usually in herds of less than 50 animals, are the main source of income for an estimated 120 000 families in the highlands of Peru (above), Bolivia and Chile. There is limited scope to expand alpaca production in the Andes, due to lack of grazing land. Herds in North America and Australasia are expanding by almost 20% a year, and could soon become significant world suppliers.

Production and trade
Annual output of alpaca wool in Peru, the main producer, is estmated at around 6 500 tonnes. Around 80% is shipped as fleece to textile makers (chiefly in China, Germany and Italy), earning export income of around $50 million a year. The main purchaser of alpaca fibre, China, has begun importing alpacas to create a domestic fibre industry.

Uses of alpaca
Of the South American camelids, the alpaca is the only one whose fleece is used in any quantity for spinning yarns for fashion applications.
The primary end use is knitwear, but it is also woven into cloth for clothing, accessories - such as shawls and stoles - and rugs. The premium alpaca fibre is cria, shorn from young animals and considered lighter, warmer and softer than cashmere.

                       To widen use of alpaca fibre, some textile                                  manufacturers blend it with wool, cotton and                            silk for both knitwear and woven cloth.

Alpaca DirectThere is also a growing market for outdoor sports clothing made from alpaca thanks to its lighter weight and better insulation during cold weather.
Alpaca in the Andes Mountains of Peru

Alpacas are native to the Andes Mountains in Peru, and are 80% of the total population of Alpacas in the world. They are found at high altitudes of about 12,000 to 15,000 feet in the Peruvian Mountain. The finest of alpaca hair, and its hollow, insulating core give alpaca fiber a smooth, velvety hand and cloud-weight softness.

Alpaca - Aristocrat of the Fiber World

Alpaca incorporates the finest features of the world's natural fibers. The first cousin of the Llama, Alpaca is found naturally in 22 distinct colors. The fiber can also be blended to produce an infinite array of natural colors.

Alpaca has a natural, rich luster that gives garments high visual appeal.

The strength of the fiber does not diminish as it becomes finer, thus making it ideal for processing.

The fiber from Alpaca is unusually strong and resilient.

Alpaca is warmer and lighter, stronger, and far more durable than wool.

Alpaca is soft, supple and smooth to the touch.

The cellular structure of the fiber produces a soft hand unmatched by most other specialty fibers.

.AND . . The best attribute our garments carry is the unmatchable texture and feel of pure Alpaca!!!...
Men's Crew
Peruvian Alpaca
Tiny Ribbbed
Sweater $112

in 3 colors

Men's Jacquard
Peruvian Alpaca
Crew Neck pullover $144

in 3 colors

Men's Crew
Peruvian Alpaca
Classic Gables
Cardigan $184

in 3 colors

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Peruvian History - Santa Domingo Convent

The oldest convent, Santo Domingo, was conceived with the city but its founder was not Pizarro; it was a friar named Tomas de San Martin, later to become Preceptor Prior of the Dominican Order.  Santo Domingo - located between "jirones" Lima and Camana - is a sort of city inside the city; and it comprises a succession of cloisters and yards which are surrounded by service areas and communal rooms.
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Get your Alpaca Sweaters - Buy Now at 2005 prices! Everything is 50% off on the entire stock - while they last - Order yours Today!
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Better Business Burea Rating for Andean RoyaltyBetter Business Burea Rating for Andean RoyaltyBetter Business Burea Rating for Andean Royalty
Better Business Burea Rating for Andean Royalty
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